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Lessons Learned From the Rise and Fall of Scios

When Roger Mills began his career in the medical profession, he never imagined he would one day end up working for a Big Pharma company or find himself in the middle of a controversy over attempts to bring a new cardiology drug to market. That journey would see a small company teeter on the brink of bankruptcy, experience the highs of a new drug approval and acquisition by a large company, and finally, the downfall and collapse of the approved medicine. Although his time in pharma may have been shorter than some industry veterans, his experiences surpassed many. He tells the story in his recently published book, Nesiritide. The Rise and Fall of Scios.

Read the full editorial on Clinical Leader by Editor Ed Miseta. Dr. Mills will discuss mistakes made along the way, what could have been done differently, and what you can learn from his experience at Clinical Leader Forum.

Join the session: Keynote – What I Would Do Differently: The Rise and Fall of Scios. Clinical Leader Forum is scheduled for May 10 – 11 in Philadelphia, PA. 

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True centricity involves hearing the voice of the patient and getting it involved in your trial design. Doing so will allow you to design trials that are friendly to patients and sites, while allowing you to improve recruitment and retention.

In this recent editorial on Clinical Leader, Editor Ed Miseta interviews Brenda Cooperstone, VP and chief development officer for the specialty care business unit at Pfizer. She discusses the efforts made to understand sickle cell patients, their condition and how the company should interact with them during visits to the emergency room.

Another article highlights how one rare disease firm merged gene therapy with patient centricity. “Patient Centricity is still a new role for us, but one that Abeona has chosen to prioritize,” says Michelle Berg, VP of patient advocacy.

“It’s typically something you see in foundations or organizations that are driving awareness and education for rare disease, but can be rarer in pharmaceutical companies. It’s a long awaited time for the company and our patients and their families and we are pleased to be advancing these potential treatments into the clinic.”

Join Berg and the rest of the panelists to discuss patient centricity in more detail at Clinical Leader Forum, May 10 – 11 in Philadelphia, PA. Join the session: Patient centricity that yields results: How others are getting it done. Learn how others sponsors are successfully making patient centricity a reality. Panelists for this session include:

  • Michelle Berg, VP Patient Advocacy | Abeona Therapeutics
  • Stephanie Petrone, Executive Director, Medical Operations | Novartis
  • Katie Mazuk, Sr. Dir., Global Head Investigator & Patient Engagement | Johnson & Johnson
  • Richard Tsai, VP Marketing | Inspire (moderator)

Click here for a full list of speakers.


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