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Past Event Information

Details on our past programs, including date/venue, sponsoring organizations, speakers, and agendas.

Clinical Leader Forum Names Boston and Philadelphia As 2018 Locations

Dec 19,2017

Life Science Leader and are excited to announce that Clinical Leader Forum will take place in Boston and Philadelphia in 2018. The Boston event is scheduled for October 3 – 4, 2018 at the State Room Boston. The Philadelphia event is scheduled for May 9-10, 2018 at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue.

Click to learn more about the locations, the Philadelphia agenda, and the Clinical Leader Forum advisory committee announcement.

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Thank you!

May 16,2017

On behalf of and Life Science Leader, we would like to thank you for supporting Clinical Leader Forum in Philadelphia. We truly hope you enjoyed the experience. Stay tuned for 2018 Clinical Leader Forum dates and locations. 

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Lessons Learned From The Rise And Fall Of Scios

Apr 11,2017

Lessons Learned From the Rise and Fall of Scios

When Roger Mills began his career in the medical profession, he never imagined he would one day end up working for a Big Pharma company or find himself in the middle of a controversy over attempts to bring a new cardiology drug to market. That journey would see a small company teeter on the brink of bankruptcy, experience the highs of a new drug approval and acquisition by a large company, and finally, the downfall and collapse of the approved medicine. Although his time in pharma may have been shorter than some industry veterans, his experiences surpassed many. He tells the story in his recently published book, Nesiritide. The Rise and Fall of Scios.

Read the full editorial on Clinical Leader by Editor Ed Miseta. Dr. Mills will discuss mistakes made along the way, what could have been done differently, and what you can learn from his experience at Clinical Leader Forum.

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Clinical Trials Through The Patient-Centric Lens

Feb 24,2017

True centricity involves hearing the voice of the patient and getting it involved in your trial design. Doing so will allow you to design trials that are friendly to patients and sites, while allowing you to improve recruitment and retention.

In this recent editorial on Clinical Leader, Editor Ed Miseta interviews Brenda Cooperstone, VP and chief development officer for the specialty care business unit at Pfizer. She discusses the efforts made to understand sickle cell patients, their condition and how the company should interact with them during visits to the emergency room.


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Which Clinical Conferences Are Worth Your Time?

In an age where we are inundated with electronic interactions, connecting with individuals face-to-face has become a rarity. Conferences certainly enable that interaction. Although it would be nice to go to every conference, the requirements of your job prohibit that. So how do you decide which clinical conferences are worthy of your time? 

In this recent editorial on Clinical Leader, Editor Ed Miseta analyzes a Harvard Business Review article and attempts to answer the question and what matters most to attendees.

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Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe

How do you choose your strategic partner?

As pharma’s use of CROs continues to grow, so does the talk about outsourcing models. Today, one of the most popular models seems to be highly integrated strategic partnerships. Unfortunately, that model does not work for every company. Partnering agreements often seem to be built on a broad and sustainable pipeline, but for small- and mid-sized companies, that pipeline often does not exist. Craig Coffman, executive director of clinical operations and outsourcing for Nektar Therapeutics was recently featured in the editorial, How Nektar Therapeutics Improves The Transactional Outsourcing Model.

“My job involves selecting and contracting with vendors,” says Craig Coffman, “You have to do your homework, select the right company, communicate your goals, and provide proper oversight. Doing the right things, and doing them over and over again, helps ensure we always get the right vendor to meet the needs we have.”

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Your personal invitation

We invite you to a different conference experience. That's what you can expect from Clinical Leader Forum. Produced by and Life Science Leader magazine, Clinical Leader Forum is focused on bringing together a community that is committed to better trial outsourcing.

Hear our difference, from Clinical Leader Chief Editor and Conference Chair, Ed Miseta.

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Your diversified patient pool

Dec 11,2016

“Diversity is not something that happens by accident. It’s planned, so we need to start where we want to finish in mind. We want to give sites and sponsors any tools they need to help them do that.”
Marsha Henderson, assistant commissioner for women’s health at the FDA, speaking at the 2016 SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit in Boca Raton, Florida.

Ed Miseta, chief editor of and Chair of Clinical Leader Forum, writes about patient diversity in this article titled "How To Fix The Patient Diversity Problem."

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Introducing ...

Dec 09,2016

Life Science Leader and are excited to introduce Clinical Leader Forum, a new conference tailored just for executives at pharma and biotech sponsor companies that rely on contract research organizations for clinical trials. The inaugural event is scheduled for May 10 through 11 at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue.

“Having attended many clinical shows and conferences, I feel the major challenges and concerns of smaller- to mid-sized companies are not adequately addressed,” says Ed Miseta, chief editor for Clinical Leader. “This leaves many executives left out of the discussion. While large companies focus on topics such as RBM, adaptive trials, and big data, smaller firms are still struggling with the basics of how to select a CRO, manage their sites, price their trial, and get quality and timeliness from study partners. This conference will present actionable information on those topics to help companies be more successful in conducting their clinical trials.”

Check out this press release to find out more and what to expect for our first forum event.

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Thank you for organizing one of the best pharma/biotech clinical research conferences I have ever participated in.

John Hall | Shore Research & Development, LLC

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